Our Story

Our message is simple, as individuals and as the human race we need to do more for our planet. Luxury products do not need to affect the environment negatively. The fashion industry alone is responsible for 92 million tonnes of textile waste a year, as well as consuming 1.5 trillion litres of water.

With this in mind we work alongside our GRS certified Italian mill to hand select post-consumer waste that can be re-spun into luxury garments. This process not only reduces landfill but minimises water consumption and CO2 emissions. In a continued effort to minimise waste and unnecessary production which adversely effects the environment, all our products are also made to order. Yes, this means no “next day delivery” but we are not comfortable adding to the over production of garments in the world.

Beyond our ongoing efforts to minimise our impact on the environment we want to give back. Every purchase donates to Polar Bears International and plants a tree alongside our reforestation partner in an effort to fight against climate change and the destruction of the environment. As we try to educate future generations we are proud that the selected charitable partners have been chosen by our son, OSCAR. and support causes we feel strongly about as a family.


Chris & Jenna 

Founders, OSCAR.